#Microblog Mondays: Just Do It

Such a simple, yet profound statement – Just Do It!

We all know where this tagline comes from but humor me for a moment. Think about what you’ve been talking about doing for the past week. Better yet, think about what you’ve been complaining about for the past month or this past year or the past 20 years!

Why do we put off what we truly know WE must do for later? When is later? What if later never comes? All we know for sure is that we have this very moment to make a decision that will either push us closer to our destiny or leave us right where we have been or even worst, in the land of regret.

For me, there is nothing worst than the feeling of regret and I don’t want to go through life wondering if I would have tried, or if I would have worked harder, or if I didn’t give up after the 5th try, or if …or if…or if.

I want to LIVE a life that is full of life and love knowing that with that comes failure and heartache. I want to LIVE a life of faith knowing that there will be challenges that will shake this very faith to its core. I want to LIVE without Boundaries and without Doubt. I want to LIVE with Compassion, Courage and Humility. I want to LIVE in My Purpose and work in the anointing that God and his grace has bestowed over my life!

And I know it won’t be easy…because its never been easy…but it has been worth it.

I guess that old saying is right: There’s nothing to it…Just Do It!




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