Do You!

Nehemiah 2-12

There are some things that God puts in your heart that’s only for you and YOU ALONE! It’s human nature for people to want approval and validation from their peers but this passage is all about “knowing that you know” that God has spoken a word to YOU and its up to YOU to trust that word and step out on faith to do (or be) what he has called you to do.

It’s evident that everyone will not always be on your side, especially when God gives you an assignment like “Rebuild the Wall,” and if we go around telling everyone whats only meant for us than we become discouraged, doubtful and fearful. It’s time for us to take courage, quit over thinking everything and do the work that God calls us to do each and everyday.

Be encouraged and courageous today as you move forward in your journey knowing that God is with you every step of the way!


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