There is Light at the End


Be encouraged! Tough times don’t last forever. There is LIGHT at the end of the tunnel! Cliche? Yes, but soooo true!

Today marks the end of a very long summer of studying, cramming, stressing and over-eating for law students across the nation who’ve spent the last two months (really last three years) preparing for the Bar Exam (aka “the Devil”). For me, today was the physical manifestation of the LIGHT I just mentioned above. You can read about my struggle with this hideous glorious exam here

Even though I’ve been on the other side of the tunnel for quite some time, today is the first day in two years that Im not in that place…the place of “did I study enough,” “did I pray enough” and ” did I write enough.”

Today, I’m not in that place of worry-faith…you know…that feeling where you say you have faith and you believe but you find yourself worrying, reasoning, doubting…you get my drift.  

Today is different.

Today, I’m reflecting on how dark that time was and how narrow that tunnel felt. That dark time was lonely, embarrassing, humbling, drawn out,  plain and simple…it SUCKED! 

Oh, how I craved the LIGHT and prayed for the LIGHT. And eventually, the LIGHT came (like it always does) because the dark never lasts forever. Usually, the dark days are there long enough to catch our attention, drop a lesson/character moment in our lap and vanish just as quickly as they arrived. ***Jeez, theres a lesson right there but I really want to keep this post brief.*** I digress.

Today, I’m grateful and blessed that I have the opportunity to reflect on that tunnel and those dark days. There will be more dark days and tunnels because hey, that’s life. But today, I am choosing to live in the LIGHT, even in the midst of another tunnel because the LIGHT is beautiful, glorious and amazing! 

BUTTTTTTTTT…..I can’t help but wonder if I would see this LIGHT in the same light if I had never been in that dark moment. Perhaps there is always LIGHT in the tunnel but its not until were completely in the dark that are eyes are able to adjust and we learn to recognize the LIGHT in every tunnel.

Just a thought…I know the answer. Do you?

As always, remember to Live for the Journey…not the Destination!