Be Encouraged


This was a rough week. Honestly, I wanted to stay locked in my bedroom for more than half this week. Didn’t feel like working, planning, meeting, writing, talking or doing much of anything. I think we all run into those moments every now and then when the weight of the world falls upon our shoulders and its simply just too much. Its so easy to give in to those feelings – click on Netflix & CHILL and stuff your face with pizza/tacos/few burgers/a couple glasses of red wine…ooops, have I revealed too much? LOL!

But even in the midst of my self entitled ‘pity party’, I was gently reminded of how important it is for us to KEEP GOING and to REMAIN STEADFAST when we really feel like giving up or giving in. Don’t get me wrong, take a moment if you need to take a moment. But make sure you get back in the game. An idle mind is the devil’s playground and you would be surprised what he can do when we allow self-doubt, anxiety, pity and worry to creep into our minds.

God blessed me with an opportunity to encourage four women this week despite what was going on inside of my own head. Here’s a brief snippet of one of those conversations.

Don’t give in and don’t give up, rather give in to HIM and give it all up to HIM to take care of you and the problems you’re facing right now. I believe in my heart that this year will be a year of breakthroughs but I also know that those breakthroughs won’t come easy and will come at a price. And if that price means you cry a little more, experience a little anxiety, realize your fears  and wrestle with anger, then so be it because we know that God will always get the Glory in the end!

Now, the crazy thing is that when I sent that message I prefaced the text with a statement that ‘God had placed it on my heart to send a word of encouragement to you’ but in actuality, God was using that moment and my fellow sisters to encourage me at the same time. God can and will use you to bless others even in your times of struggle and will turn right around and bless you at the same time. This moment illustrates how important it is to allow yourself to be led by the spirit – that still small voice in your heart that is meant to guide you each and every day. No moment is too small for God to reveal himself to you. I was really hurting this week and had I truly given in to my ‘pity party’ (and I don’t use that term lightly) I would have missed an opportunity to experience God’s Grace and his gift of Peace that surpasses all understanding.

With that being said, Be Encouraged and Remain Steadfast no matter what you’re facing today or what you will have to face tomorrow. Choose to Believe and have Faith no matter what may happen! Know that you are Blessed and Highly Favored – HE will not fail you!!




The Monster in the Closet

What are you afraid of?

This question has been floating around in my head for the past few months.

Something has been off in my life. Honestly, I’ve felt this way for quite some time but I’ve done my best to ignore the pain that was obviously eating me alive slowly but surely. You see, I believe before I sat down to write this post that I was on my way to a slow death. A bit dramatic…absolutely but I need you to understand the seriousness of what I know to be true.

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Focused Mission

There will never be a time when you will not face some form of opposition. Especially, when you’re on an ordained assignment, the enemy will try to do everything he can – using everyone he can – to deter you from getting what you were called to receive.


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Day 6 of Meditation Challenge – Feeling Hope


Hope Lights My Path

If your just joining me or happen to come across my little blog space, I am participating in a 21-Day Meditation Challenge that you can learn more about here. I would encourage you to at least give this a try, if only to try something new. My posts are a few days behind the actual meditations but thats ok! My plan was to show up for the process of Meditation and memorialize my thoughts and experiences thru my blog, and hopefully unlock some areas (or things) inside of me that have been weighing me down.

Today, is one of those days where I am reminded that I am exactly where I need to be. Although I completed this meditation a few days ago…today is the day that I needed this message the most.

Meditation Takeaway: Just as a man can not live without dreams, one can not live without hope. Hope is the force that grounds you and lifts you up at the same time. It is not passive. Its a choice, often a daily choice that we all have to decide to make. Hope will open a new path where there was no path.

You know that feeling of being trapped right? I know we all do. Trapped by the everyday crap of life. Well, hope looks pass all of that. Recognize that we have no clue what’s around the next corner of our lives. But here we are making judgments and decisions based off the limited information and forecasting ability that we have. Yeah, your situation might look bleak right now….but that is JUST RIGHT NOW!

Hope is here to remind us that there is MORE…you don’t need to know what MORE is right now because if you did than you would. Because you don’t, I feel pretty confident that your not quite ready for the MORE that’s planned for you just yet.

So what do we do? We give in to the process of life and our journey and choose HOPE. When you are connected to yourself, you will sense what you need to do to improve any situation. Today, I felt a little hopeless…I knew what I needed to do. I needed to think…write…create. Everyday that I choose to do this, not knowing what the end result will be, is a day that I am choosing HOPE.



Day 5 of Meditation Challenge – Feeling Playful


Day 5…Feeling Playful

Well, this meditation was right on time. Lately, I have felt so tired. Drained. Wiped out. Ready for something other than what’s in front of me right now, which is work. Ha! Don’t get me wrong I am grateful for my job, Lord knows I worked hard enough to get here. But everyone needs a break…a moment to unplug…a moment to relax!

Meditation Takeaway: When you take time to relax and let go, you become more open, receptive and alive. Once you are in a state where you are open and receptive, messages from the Source can (and will) begin to reveal themselves to you in the most magical way. What does that mean? You can’t make any decision when your head is cloudy, distracted, anxious, stressed, irritated, fed up…you get my drift? You have to unplug your stereo (your brain) in order to hear the speaker (God) better!

If that means taking a break…take one!

Need a vacation…book it today!

Need a day off…take 2…if you can! Lol!

We have too many distractions these days (internet, social media, TV, celebrities), which makes us feel like we always need to be doing something OR thinking something OR feeling something. RELAX!

Pick up a book and RELAX!

Break out that old Mario Kart and RELAX!

Head to the theme park or outlets this weekend and RELAX!

Feeling playful is at the core of your happiness. Play creates balance and we all must have balance if we want to live and breathe true happiness!

Until next time.

Feeling Playful


Day 4 of Meditation Challenge – Feeling Love


Day 4…Feeling Love.

So this wasn’t your average sappy “love” message. Thank goodness!  This was a message that reminded me (us) that we are LOVE. That our very essence of who and what we are is LOVE.

Meditation Takeaway: When you discover your true self (which is LOVE) then you have discovered LOVE that no one can take away! Amazing…right? Most people spend their lives searching and looking in all the wrong places for a LOVE that actually exists inside themselves. We all have heard it said before – how can you love someone, if you don’t love yourself? Well, there really is some truth to that statement. You want LOVE, then start practicing LOVE right where you are!

Now, I understand that we live in a society that tells us all the time that YOU are not enough…that you need more to get more…that you should be more to feel loved, etc. So, far be it from me, Deepak or Oprah to try and step in after one Meditation and convince everyone that YOU ARE LOVE and have people actually believe it. But this Meditation Challenge, amongst other things, is about AWARENESS. And once the curtain is pulled back on the tomfollery that we all have come to accept, thats when the seed of awareness is planted. And if you continue to water that seed, at some point you will begin to see the true manifestation of that seed which is LOVE.

How does one water a seed of “Love Awareness”? Well, Im glad you asked!

Try repeating over and over…I AM LOVE. Don’t you laugh…I am serious! To yourself repeat…I AM LOVE.

Look in the mirror and repeat…I AM Love.

And then one day, when something (or someone) appears to be dressed up like LOVE, does something contrary to what LOVE is…because LOVE is who you are, you’ll kick whatever that thing or person is to the curb and won’t look back!

Until next time!

Feeling Love


Day 3 of Meditation Challenge ~ Feeling Peace”


If that’s not a peaceful image, I don’t know what is! Here, we are at Day 3…Feeling Peace.

Meditation Takeaway: There are various levels of peace: Peace of Mind where your not worried or stressed; Peace that leaves you free from Anxiety about the future ,which allows you to feel safe and secure; Peace that comes from Self-acceptance, you are happy with who you are; and Spiritual Peace, also known as the peace that surpasses all understanding.

Spiritual Peace is the content stillness of your soul. When your soul is content, your heart and mind are also content. This is the type of peace that can’t be taken away from you. Peace in the soul is the underlying fundamental element of happiness! 

I know this type of Peace…this peace that comes over you and thru you when everything around you appears to be in totally chaos. It’s a personal peace; it will look and feel different for everyone but you will know it when it arrives. It’s as if you are standing out on the end of that pier in that picture above and a Level 5 Hurricane starts up around, destroying everything in its path but YOU. You feel no worry about life, no anxiety, no what ifs, perhaps even, no fear! AND if you do happen to feel those things…you are not shaken, nor are you moved. That’s the Spiritual Peace that leads to true, unshakeable happiness. That is what we should strive for, not just momentary peace, but peace that comes from our Source and that fills us up completely!

How beautiful…Feeling Peace!