Be Encouraged


This was a rough week. Honestly, I wanted to stay locked in my bedroom for more than half this week. Didn’t feel like working, planning, meeting, writing, talking or doing much of anything. I think we all run into those moments every now and then when the weight of the world falls upon our shoulders and its simply just too much. Its so easy to give in to those feelings – click on Netflix & CHILL and stuff your face with pizza/tacos/few burgers/a couple glasses of red wine…ooops, have I revealed too much? LOL!

But even in the midst of my self entitled ‘pity party’, I was gently reminded of how important it is for us to KEEP GOING and to REMAIN STEADFAST when we really feel like giving up or giving in. Don’t get me wrong, take a moment if you need to take a moment. But make sure you get back in the game. An idle mind is the devil’s playground and you would be surprised what he can do when we allow self-doubt, anxiety, pity and worry to creep into our minds.

God blessed me with an opportunity to encourage four women this week despite what was going on inside of my own head. Here’s a brief snippet of one of those conversations.

Don’t give in and don’t give up, rather give in to HIM and give it all up to HIM to take care of you and the problems you’re facing right now. I believe in my heart that this year will be a year of breakthroughs but I also know that those breakthroughs won’t come easy and will come at a price. And if that price means you cry a little more, experience a little anxiety, realize your fears  and wrestle with anger, then so be it because we know that God will always get the Glory in the end!

Now, the crazy thing is that when I sent that message I prefaced the text with a statement that ‘God had placed it on my heart to send a word of encouragement to you’ but in actuality, God was using that moment and my fellow sisters to encourage me at the same time. God can and will use you to bless others even in your times of struggle and will turn right around and bless you at the same time. This moment illustrates how important it is to allow yourself to be led by the spirit – that still small voice in your heart that is meant to guide you each and every day. No moment is too small for God to reveal himself to you. I was really hurting this week and had I truly given in to my ‘pity party’ (and I don’t use that term lightly) I would have missed an opportunity to experience God’s Grace and his gift of Peace that surpasses all understanding.

With that being said, Be Encouraged and Remain Steadfast no matter what you’re facing today or what you will have to face tomorrow. Choose to Believe and have Faith no matter what may happen! Know that you are Blessed and Highly Favored – HE will not fail you!!




Focused Mission

There will never be a time when you will not face some form of opposition. Especially, when you’re on an ordained assignment, the enemy will try to do everything he can – using everyone he can – to deter you from getting what you were called to receive.


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Do You!

Nehemiah 2-12

There are some things that God puts in your heart that’s only for you and YOU ALONE! It’s human nature for people to want approval and validation from their peers but this passage is all about “knowing that you know” that God has spoken a word to YOU and its up to YOU to trust that word and step out on faith to do (or be) what he has called you to do.

It’s evident that everyone will not always be on your side, especially when God gives you an assignment like “Rebuild the Wall,” and if we go around telling everyone whats only meant for us than we become discouraged, doubtful and fearful. It’s time for us to take courage, quit over thinking everything and do the work that God calls us to do each and everyday.

Be encouraged and courageous today as you move forward in your journey knowing that God is with you every step of the way!

A Year Later…


Journey to find yourself

I’m back!


Well, I really didn’t go anywhere but I’ve been everywhere. Does that make sense? These past few months have been crazy busy. It feels like a lot of “life” happening all around me – some good and some bad.


During this time off, I took a moment to contemplate whether my heart was still here at Live for the Journey. You see, I started this blog a year ago in the midst of a challenging time in my life. You can read that post here.


I had no idea what I was doing and how I was going to do it. Writing wasn’t my favorite thing to do and I was very afraid of what people would think of me and my failure. Despite all of that, there was this small voice inside that pushed me to step out on faith and share my story. People don’t need to hear about another “over-night” success story or a “before and after” story. People need to know that there are people that are going thru challenges TODAY just like they are and are making the choice everyday to get back up and keep fighting.


I started this blog because I wanted to encourage people to look beyond their “right now” and try to see the journey that lies before them as the training ground that will shape them into the person that they were truly meant to be. Often times we sell ourselves short by settling for jobs, friends, and relationships that are just “good enough.” I believe that in our hearts we always know that we deserve MORE but convince ourselves that we don’t deserve more or that we’re not worthy of having MORE.


It’s way too easy to say how great life is when life is great. Its another thing to say and see how great life is when it throws you a bunch of lemons. What I know for sure is that the only constant in life is CHANGE. Change can be so scary and exciting at the same time. Some of us resist change so much that we miss out on the best experiences of life because were too busy holding on to what was. Let Go!


There was a moment last year when I finally got to a place where I really let go. I let go of the fear I was holding on to. I let go of the disappointment. I let go of the change I didn’t want to happen. I just let go! Funny thing is, the moment I let go was the moment (season) when that particular breakthrough finally happened.


Why am I saying all of this? To be honest, I don’t even know. In fact I was prepared to write a recap post of my experience with the Jamie Eason’s LiveFit Challenge. But when I sat down to write, this is what came out and I realize my journey with this blog is just beginning. This will continue to be a space of Honesty, Transparency and Encouragement.


I am who I am today because of the scars, failures and disappointments. I am not ashamed to stand up and be who I was called to be. Perhaps one day I will know exactly what that is but until then I will continue to LIVE FOR THE JOURNEY…NOT THE DESTINATION.

It’s amazing what a year can do….NEVER GIVE UP!


*excuse the grammatical errors – this was a post straight from the heart*