Message Not Received

Why are humans so d*** hard headed?!?!

Sorry…but not sorry. Do you ever get tired of being tired about something? Usually, that’s the tipping point for many of us when we finally decide to make a change. Whether that change is to eat better, get to work on time, wash the dishes or clean up our drawers…and yes I meant “underwear” – this is no time to act boujee ya’ll! Lol!

Seriously, how many times does it take you to hear something before you finally get it? Why must we get to this breaking point each and every time before we realize that stuff ain’t right and its time to make a change. Am I little on edge at the moment…YES! I apologize…but stay with me cause I’m going somewhere.

To be American is to pay bills and we all pay them every month, if not bi-weekly or weekly. Well, the dreaded credit card payment came up as it does every single month. Now, the smart thing to do is to schedule an automatic payment so I don’t have to think about paying a card. In fact, I’ve set up an automated system for my savings account, which took all of 3 minutes to figure out. But here I am, still playing the same game with the same player (player is credit card company – FYI) and thinking that with everything that’s going on in my life, I will remember to make this stupid payment on time.

Well, you already know before I even say it….I missed the stupid payment. And the sad thing is that I missed it by 4 minutes. Yeah, let that marinate for a second.

I missed it by 4 minutes on the same day that the payment was due. Still don’t get it? My payment was due to credit card company that shall remain nameless, by 5pm eastern standard time…I paid at 5:04 pm EST. Does it matter that it was still the same day that the payment was due…NOPE! And the thing is…I knew that. I knew that because I played the same game in January thinking I would catch the payment in time. That month, the nameless credit card company let me slide so I already knew that by the time I hit CONFIRM this month that the payment would be considered “late” for all intents and purposes.

But here’s the kicker…as I rush to make a payment that I already knew was technically considered late, I accidentally selected the wrong button and paid the entire balance on the card. Ummmm…excuse me for a moment….WTF, WTH, @#%$^&#^$*#^@(#)$&$^#*@#(@^$%$*#^@(@)@&$%!!!!


I think I’m good now…uhhhh nope! WTF, WTH and @)*$&@^@%@%&($)@)!&!#&#$(@)@&!

LOL! I hope you’re laughing or that at least your mouth is hanging down to the floor because thats exactly what I did once I realized what happened.

The upside – the card is paid off. The down – uhhhhh, I would like my money in my checking account please and thank you! LOL!

Seriously, I received the message of procrastination years ago. My goodness, I can think of so many examples right now where it has been the same thing over and over and over and over again. But there was something about this time that struck me down to my core (and also made me pass out for like 5 minutes) because now, more than ever, I’m focused on achieving one of my goals which is financial freedom. And if my goal is financial freedom, it doesn’t matter how much my heart and my wallet want to be free – if all of my actions don’t demonstrate that fact, I’ll remain in the same place that i’ve always been in.

Think about that for a moment.

I’m a smart girl but we all can make dumb, in the moment decisions that wreak havoc in our lives and cause us to deal with repercussions that we did not intend on addressing at that moment or even dealing with for the rest of lives.

What message are you getting that you aren’t receiving? I definitely can’t be the person to identify what those messages are for YOU, but you know -that you know – what those messages are. Ha!

I truly mean this with all seriousness because I believe that God is calling us all to a higher place. That he intends for all of us to operate with MORE in our lives but we fail to responsibly handle what we have right now. If you’re tired of being tired and you know that its time, better yet -that its been time to make some adjustments in your life, DO NOT wait a second more. You don’t have to have it all figured out BEFORE YOU GET STARTED, all you have to do is TAKE THE FIRST STEP!


I did my best to make this conversation light-hearted, but the fact remains that we all have a destiny, a calling over our lives, and I truly don’t believe anyone of us wants to miss that calling and live below our potential  greatness because we failed to receive the life messages that are intended to set us FREE!!! Let this be the final wake up call and soft reminder to pay attention to what your life is trying to get you to focus on.

Until next time – Peace, Love & Blessings!!


***Full Disclosure*** I actually wrote this post one year ago and decided not to post it for fear of judgment.



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