Live Free Challange

So, this isn’t your ordinary 30-day ABS or Butt Challenge. This is a challenge that is meant to awaken your spirit and the GIANT that’s lurking inside of you. Most of us are living well below our capacity. We have the ability to do and be anything that we please but we allow FEAR in the form of Self-Doubt, Depression, Anxiety, Jealousy, Shame, Sadness, Grief, etc. to creep in and wreak havoc in our lives. As a result, we fail to reach the goals we set for ourselves OR we stay in toxic relationships with toxic people OR we never find the courage to leave an unfulfilling work environment.

This is not what God intended for any of us.

Jesus states loud and clear in John 10:10 –

John 10-10


This is the promise of LIFE that he has made to all of us. This is a choice that we all have to make every single day – CHOOSE LIFE! If we know that there is a “thief” and that his only job is to steal, to kill and to destroy, then the fact that you are feeling “depressed” or “sad” or “jealous” should not come as a surprise. Wake up and recognize the strategic attack that has been launched on your life. Make the choice to LIVE and to LIVE FREE every single day. Shake your shackles off and begin to accept that YOU were meant for more, YOU deserve more and YOU are worthy of more. Don’t be scared of more because more will mean something different for all of us. For some, it may mean more money, or a better job, or their first home, or a brand new car. Whatever more is for your life – Believe, Embrace and Accept that it is already YOURS and has always been YOURS for the taking.


~Identify your Roadblock – what has kept you from reaching YOUR next level. 

~Write it down.

~Determine what step you can take TODAY that will help you reach that next level. 

~ Rip that Roadblock into shreds and physically throw it in the trash. 

~Do this simple activity every day of this month. Some of you may be ready to take the first step today. If not, thats OK! Continue to do this activity every day and believe that by the end of the month YOU will have the ability to take the first step. 


Do not over think this challenge! I repeat – DO NOT OVER THINK!!!! Trust your your spirit because it is your ultimate guide and will never lead you astray.


Until next time,

Remember to always Live for the Journey!


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