Live Free


Happy October Ya’ll!!!!

October is one of my favorite months because it falls within one of my favorite seasons of the year, which is Fall. I absolutely love how pretty this time of year is. And let’s not forget that this is also the time of year when you can find just about anything in pumpkin flavor: I’m talking Lattes, Butters, Cookies, Bread, Cereal….need I say more!

This is also the perfect time to pick up where you left off. We’re close to the holiday season but far enough away that you can get a head start on your “list” before the new year hits. SO, I hesitate to call it a fresh start because that implies that on some level you gave up completely. Now, theres nothing wrong with a fresh start, in fact there are many situations that require a fresh start (relationships, friendships, etc.) but thats not my focus for today. I’m referring to those “things” in your life that you continue to put off because of one thing and one thing only – FEAR!

Now, I’m sure you could rattle off a ton of reasons why you had to stop OR why you had to postpone OR why you ate that jelly doughnut BUT hear me when I say that at the root of every excuse lies nothing but fear. Sometimes fear gets the best of when we least expect it. For the past year, I believe I have allowed fear to control my thoughts and actions. Naw…let me keep it real! I know that I have allowed the fear of my own voice to control my writing (or lack thereof) and my creativity.

Fear keeps us complacent when we know we deserve better. Fear keeps us down when we know its time to rise up. Fear keeps us watching Netflix (and Hulu) when we know we need to hit that gym up! LOL!!!  Most importantly, fear keeps us in bondage and prevents us from living free!

Only you will know what will set you free. I want to encourage you to take some time and think/pray/meditate on what that thing is and make the decision to take one small step towards it today. And if your really feeling motivated…join me in the Live Free Challenge for the month of October. Details to follow in an upcoming post!

Remember: your life is more than your current situation. Get busy doing what you were placed on this earth to do. If there’s something that you want…GO FOR IT – NO EXCUSES.!!!!!

It’s time to LIVE FREE!!!!!

Join in on the conversation…don’t be shy.

What has kept you from Living Free?


4 thoughts on “Live Free

  1. My weight and lack of feeling healthy. Between infertility and having fibromyalgia, I’ve had a hard time finding the motivation I need. I used to enjoy jogging but the fibro has messed with my legs and makes it very painful. I need to find small goals to work back towards a healthy and happier me.


  2. Sylvia Brown says:

    Absolutely wonderful and beautifully stated! Consider that fear is only the inner concern for future punishment for taking some action. Love casts out fear because we refocus and refine our actions to produce the most loving and redeeming result. Once the action is in clear view, fear seems silly, we know our direction, and we have all manner of energy and strength to reach our desired result. Fear is only an alert: Human Being, is the action you are going to take well for your soul? We must train ourselves to answer that question. Focus, refine, refocus in love. Then, in faith, step forward.

    The louder the fear, the more intense we should be in answering ourselves.


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