Day 6 of Meditation Challenge – Feeling Hope


Hope Lights My Path

If your just joining me or happen to come across my little blog space, I am participating in a 21-Day Meditation Challenge that you can learn more about here. I would encourage you to at least give this a try, if only to try something new. My posts are a few days behind the actual meditations but thats ok! My plan was to show up for the process of Meditation and memorialize my thoughts and experiences thru my blog, and hopefully unlock some areas (or things) inside of me that have been weighing me down.

Today, is one of those days where I am reminded that I am exactly where I need to be. Although I completed this meditation a few days ago…today is the day that I needed this message the most.

Meditation Takeaway: Just as a man can not live without dreams, one can not live without hope. Hope is the force that grounds you and lifts you up at the same time. It is not passive. Its a choice, often a daily choice that we all have to decide to make. Hope will open a new path where there was no path.

You know that feeling of being trapped right? I know we all do. Trapped by the everyday crap of life. Well, hope looks pass all of that. Recognize that we have no clue what’s around the next corner of our lives. But here we are making judgments and decisions based off the limited information and forecasting ability that we have. Yeah, your situation might look bleak right now….but that is JUST RIGHT NOW!

Hope is here to remind us that there is MORE…you don’t need to know what MORE is right now because if you did than you would. Because you don’t, I feel pretty confident that your not quite ready for the MORE that’s planned for you just yet.

So what do we do? We give in to the process of life and our journey and choose HOPE. When you are connected to yourself, you will sense what you need to do to improve any situation. Today, I felt a little hopeless…I knew what I needed to do. I needed to think…write…create. Everyday that I choose to do this, not knowing what the end result will be, is a day that I am choosing HOPE.




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