Day 5 of Meditation Challenge – Feeling Playful


Day 5…Feeling Playful

Well, this meditation was right on time. Lately, I have felt so tired. Drained. Wiped out. Ready for something other than what’s in front of me right now, which is work. Ha! Don’t get me wrong I am grateful for my job, Lord knows I worked hard enough to get here. But everyone needs a break…a moment to unplug…a moment to relax!

Meditation Takeaway: When you take time to relax and let go, you become more open, receptive and alive. Once you are in a state where you are open and receptive, messages from the Source can (and will) begin to reveal themselves to you in the most magical way. What does that mean? You can’t make any decision when your head is cloudy, distracted, anxious, stressed, irritated, fed up…you get my drift? You have to unplug your stereo (your brain) in order to hear the speaker (God) better!

If that means taking a break…take one!

Need a vacation…book it today!

Need a day off…take 2…if you can! Lol!

We have too many distractions these days (internet, social media, TV, celebrities), which makes us feel like we always need to be doing something OR thinking something OR feeling something. RELAX!

Pick up a book and RELAX!

Break out that old Mario Kart and RELAX!

Head to the theme park or outlets this weekend and RELAX!

Feeling playful is at the core of your happiness. Play creates balance and we all must have balance if we want to live and breathe true happiness!

Until next time.

Feeling Playful



2 thoughts on “Day 5 of Meditation Challenge – Feeling Playful

  1. Ashley Ingram says:

    I listened to this on my first day out of town this past weekend…definitely played and it was much needed πŸ‘πŸ‘!!


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