Day 4 of Meditation Challenge – Feeling Love


Day 4…Feeling Love.

So this wasn’t your average sappy “love” message. Thank goodness!  This was a message that reminded me (us) that we are LOVE. That our very essence of who and what we are is LOVE.

Meditation Takeaway: When you discover your true self (which is LOVE) then you have discovered LOVE that no one can take away! Amazing…right? Most people spend their lives searching and looking in all the wrong places for a LOVE that actually exists inside themselves. We all have heard it said before – how can you love someone, if you don’t love yourself? Well, there really is some truth to that statement. You want LOVE, then start practicing LOVE right where you are!

Now, I understand that we live in a society that tells us all the time that YOU are not enough…that you need more to get more…that you should be more to feel loved, etc. So, far be it from me, Deepak or Oprah to try and step in after one Meditation and convince everyone that YOU ARE LOVE and have people actually believe it. But this Meditation Challenge, amongst other things, is about AWARENESS. And once the curtain is pulled back on the tomfollery that we all have come to accept, thats when the seed of awareness is planted. And if you continue to water that seed, at some point you will begin to see the true manifestation of that seed which is LOVE.

How does one water a seed of “Love Awareness”? Well, Im glad you asked!

Try repeating over and over…I AM LOVE. Don’t you laugh…I am serious! To yourself repeat…I AM LOVE.

Look in the mirror and repeat…I AM Love.

And then one day, when something (or someone) appears to be dressed up like LOVE, does something contrary to what LOVE is…because LOVE is who you are, you’ll kick whatever that thing or person is to the curb and won’t look back!

Until next time!

Feeling Love



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