Day 3 of Meditation Challenge ~ Feeling Peace”


If that’s not a peaceful image, I don’t know what is! Here, we are at Day 3…Feeling Peace.

Meditation Takeaway: There are various levels of peace: Peace of Mind where your not worried or stressed; Peace that leaves you free from Anxiety about the future ,which allows you to feel safe and secure; Peace that comes from Self-acceptance, you are happy with who you are; and Spiritual Peace, also known as the peace that surpasses all understanding.

Spiritual Peace is the content stillness of your soul. When your soul is content, your heart and mind are also content. This is the type of peace that can’t be taken away from you. Peace in the soul is the underlying fundamental element of happiness! 

I know this type of Peace…this peace that comes over you and thru you when everything around you appears to be in totally chaos. It’s a personal peace; it will look and feel different for everyone but you will know it when it arrives. It’s as if you are standing out on the end of that pier in that picture above and a Level 5 Hurricane starts up around, destroying everything in its path but YOU. You feel no worry about life, no anxiety, no what ifs, perhaps even, no fear! AND if you do happen to feel those things…you are not shaken, nor are you moved. That’s the Spiritual Peace that leads to true, unshakeable happiness. That is what we should strive for, not just momentary peace, but peace that comes from our Source and that fills us up completely!

How beautiful…Feeling Peace!



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