Day 2 of Meditation Challenge – Feeling Inspired




Day 2…I was up bright and early. Well, not that early…early enough that I needed my hot cup of joe! Ha, who am I kidding, I have a hot cup of joe if it’s 6am or 6pm!  Anywho, I felt more ready and prepared for today’s meditation than I did on Day 1. And I am ok with that. If you read my initial Meditation Challenge post, I wrote about not feeling any type of pressure to meditate perfectly. Honestly, I don’t know if such a thing actually exists. My goal is to show up every day for the process of Meditation and lean into the Experience. If something wonderful happens that day…awesome, if not…than thats ok too! It’s all about the process but I will save that message for another post.

Meditation Takeaway: To be inspired is to be happy because you are filled with spirit. To be filled with spirit is to be happy. There is a deeper level that I feel that we should be operating on. Sometimes, life feels so surface, no one asks real questions, and quite honestly, no expects real answers. No one thinks for themselves – we allow the images of Facebook and Instagram to dictate our mood, our activisim, our relationships and our own self-respect. Connecting to the spirit; thus, being inspired is a prompt for us to engage a bit further than just surface level…in our personal lives and with other people. This is a call for us to truly connect or for us to find where our connectedness truly lies. Perhaps, its at this point where inspiration lies…where we are able to go beyond what we see and move towards the inspiration that can only come from our spirit.

Feeling Inspired!



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