Day 1 of Meditation Challenge ~ Feeling Joy



Here we are…DAY 1. I gotta admit, I was a little sleepy. I had to complete my meditation during my lunch hour at work. The entire time, I kept wondering if someone was going to walk in on me with my eyes close, quietly speaking the day’s mantra, and question what in the world I was doing. Ha! Thank goodness that never happened!!!

Meditation Takeaway: Happiness is at the core of who I am and it is my true nature. External happiness fades with time, but permanent happiness lies within our consciousness. Ohhhhhh, I love that. So often we are seeking the next happiness high…living for that next moment to feel good, feel happy, feel alive. It’s so counterproductive. If we want true happiness, not just the emotion because that is fleeting, then we have to learn to connect to the source of happiness that flows from within EVERY EXPERIENCE.

Yeah….let that marinate just a bit.

Soooo, I’m no longer waiting on a temporary fix of joy. I am learning to find that joy & happiness in the everyday mundane experiences of life, which means that these everyday mundane experiences of life are not so “mundane”  anymore, because now my eyes are open and my heart is receptive to a new flow of happiness that I was too blind and too jaded to experience before.

Please continue to check back and if you haven’t signed up for the challenge, you can do that here. It’s not too late!!!!

Feeling Joy!



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