Jamie Eason Live Fit Challenge – Week 5 Update


Week 5 Done!         Whoooo hooooooo!!!!!

Another week down!!! Jamie has definitely kicked the Live Fit Challenge up a notch in Phase 2.

~Instead of 5 days a week, we have 6 days in the gym.

~CARDIO is back!!!!

~No more 30 minute sessions – were talking at least 45-50 minutes per workout.

~Weights & Moves are intense – there were definitely a few moves that I needed to Youtube and/or reference Bodybuilding.com to learn how to properly perform.


Gym Preparation

2I was not ready for Week 5 and its intenseness. On top of work and church commitments, I had a sick child (husband) at home, celebrated my Birthday over the weekend and fought off a small cold myself. In hindsight, I should have reviewed the plan for Week 5 on Sunday so I knew exactly what to expect. I knew that CARDIO had returned, but I was unprepared for the extra time needed to complete the entire workout. Honestly, the extra 20-30 minutes in the gym is not bad – I just need to plan better from here on out!

Meal Prep

If it ain’t broke…don’t fix it! In other words, I prepared the same items that I usually cook for the week: Sweet Potatoes; Sautéed Kale; Grilled Chicken and Salad.


However, I did prepare a “new” dish this week – Spaghetti Squash Spaghetti! Basically, its spaghetti meat (I used ground turkey) paired with Spaghetti Squash. For those who have never cooked Spaghetti Squash, its super easy and the coolest thing once its all done. The cooked squash will actually shred up just like pasta. I promise, I have a million recipes that I need to post and will post very soon!


Alright Folks – Work Hard, Eat Clean & Train Dirty!

Until Next Week!

Sites to check out that can help you along your exercise journey:

~ Bodybuilding.com

~ Myfitnesspal

~ JustDrank


One thought on “Jamie Eason Live Fit Challenge – Week 5 Update

  1. labelcontent says:

    Congrats, keep it up!!! too far in to give up now. I am all about meal prepping. especially when your busy with life this is a great way to keep your eating clean. Yes, about the spaghetti squash, I’ve seen it before at the farmers market but didnt know exactly how to prepare it. Please post a receipe


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