Jamie Eason Live Fit Challenge – Week 3 Update


Week 3 DONE!

WELL, I survived another week on the Live Fit Challenge!

But let me be clear, this week was tough. Holidays are full of fun, family, laughter, eating, drinking… more eating and more drinking!  Oh, maybe that’s just my family. Ha!Ha!

I mean everywhere you turn there is something to eat and drink that’s usually not on the “Clean Eating Guide’s Most Wanted”  list. Now I knew 3 weeks ago when I made the decision to start this 12-week challenge that I would run straight into the Holiday season. I thought about the fact that I might not have as much “fun” or be able to truly enjoy myself at Christmas if I was constantly worried about my “diet” and working out. Listen, there will never be a perfect time to start any workout program. Unless your living under a rock, most of us are so busy we can’t even wrap our heads around how busy we truly are.  So, don’t spend another day or Holiday season putting off what you can do or start today for tomorrow!


Let’s Talk Numbers!

My weight stayed the same this week and I’m very excited about that. This is a space of honesty and truth – I will honestly say that I had a few cheat items and perhaps a beverage or two over Christmas…and I’m not ashamed of that either! I made sure I had a small tasting of everything and kept my portions under control throughout the day! Remember, this is all about changing your lifestyle. Changing your diet and incorporating a gym plan into your life should be  sustainable for YOU!

Workouts have gotten a little more intense and I LOVE IT!!!!! Leg day was awesome and I was sore for at least a day and a half after that workout. Week 3 workouts take about 30-35 minutes – that’s not bad at all! I love the fact that my workout is laid out for me with this program. I just can’t stress how much of a load that takes off of me for the day. When I say I am in and out of the gym – I am in and out! No more wandering around the gym looking for something to lift…lol! Gym rats are hilarious…but I digress 🙂

Alright Folks, that is all for this week. But make sure you stop by next week to check out my review for the last week of Phase 1 on Jamie Eason’s Live Fit Challenge!!!!!

Oh yeah…this was the first year we hosted Christmas at our house. Check out my Christmas menu and pics below!

~ Beef BBQ Oven Baked Brisket

~ Roasted Sweet Potatoes

~ Sauteed Kale dusted with Parmesan Cheese

~ Macaroni and Cheese (for the Hubs of course)

~ Green Beans

~ Corn Bread

2 3 4 67 8



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