A Note to Self


Dear Self,

Never, ever forget how important it was for you to hear NO, to STRUGGLE, to FAIL, or to be REJECTED, LAUGHED AT, JUDGED, or RIDICULED.

 Remember that those “situations” and “tough times” built your MUSCLE. You can’t give up – your SPIRIT won’t let you, so keep PUSHING and TRYING.

 Remember that those “closed doors” led you to the RIGHT DOOR at the RIGHT TIME.

 Remember that you’re no longer afraid to try because you’re no longer afraid to fail. Been there done that…and will probably do it again!

 Remember that YOU don’t run from your problems, YOU run towards them. You don’t hide-you FIGHT. Knocked down, so what. Get back UP!

 Remember why you wrote this. Remember that you are capable of more than your mind can even conceptualize, more powerful than you can ever imagine, and destined to live a purpose driven life.

 Remember who you are, whose you are and where you come from. Never allow yourself to be boxed in to what “people” think you should be. This is your life – you live each and every day to the fullest.

 RUN YOUR RACE SHAYLA, cause that’s the only race that truly matters.




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